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Exploring Radical Female-Centered Care, Advanced Postpartum Care, Classical Homeopathy, Authentic Herbalism. Foods & Nourishment. Education & Community.

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About us

A Root cellar, or earth cellar, is an underground structure used for storage of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grain. It's name reflects the tradition of homesteading & land-based living, as well as the female-earth terrain, deep lineage coding, and ancestral wisdom.  I created my practice to reflect my offerings for 3 reasons. First, as a birthright to support a current paradigm shift reclaiming radical ancestral lifestyle practices, and a return to matriarchal leadership through the health of 'The Mother' Second, as a metaphor for the matrilineal collective, and divine feminine wisdom as expressed in and through the subterranean ecosystem, our soil, and fertility of life on this planet: our great Mother. Lastly, I chose it because the word Root comes from the latin word ‘Radix’ which means ‘a starting point; a place in which something starts.’ A pinnacle point in my life journey was the death of my grandmother “Sito.” This was truly the starting point of deep healing and reclaiming of my ancestral lineages which is in a large sense, the basis and root of my work in The Root Cellar Co. 

To truly live in harmony, personal power, and integrity, one must create new systems that exist in a collective balance. In order for these new systems to be created and be implemented in todays world, we have to integrate and synthesize ancestral and traditional wisdom with our modern times.

I facilitate these connections through working in the birth continuum, and honoring of The Mother. I also help forge these paths for people through the deep healing arts of Homeopathic Medicine, Authentic Herbalism & Plant Spirit Medicine, Ceremonial Energy & Body work, and exploring radical land-based nourishment in our food relationships.

I hope for the blessing and privilege of walking with each individual, or families unique path while I share these gifts.

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From My Clients

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We had three meals a week for four weeks after the birth of our second child. It was so nice to have healthy organic meals provided to us that were delicious. Rachel was awesome at customizing our orders based on our many dietary restrictions and sensitivities. Everything she made was well thought out and you can tell she takes her time to plan unique tasteful meals. Some of our favorites were chicken pot pie, bison and wild rice cabbage rolls, blueberry lemon tart, pierogies with wild foraged mushrooms, and bison lasagna. We had a wonderful experience working with Rachel and highly recommend her services!

Caleb Sprague

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