Zero Waste Shop

About Our Zero Trash and Waste Mission!

We are very excited to explore the concept of being trash and waste free. All of our meals are prepared from scratch and zero trash is used.  Most of our produce comes from local farm shares. This means we go and pick most of our produce. This allows for less deliveries that contain excessive packaging. Instead of throwing our nutrient dense food clippings in the trash- we save them to make stock to recycle back into use in our food preparations, seasonings, herbal blends, or we provide compost for local and community gardens. Unlike a lot of popular family style meal services, meal prep services, or carry-out in general, we drop everything off in glass pyrex, or reusable containers that belong to The Root Cellar Co. You will receive a box with your delivery items labeled “Root Cellar Co.” We kindly ask that you help us reduce trash in Akron, and help us care for the environment with this simple and efficient process: all you have to do is place your empty containers back in the box after use, and place outside. We do a weekly porch pick up on Monday mornings for your convenience. Let's reduce our carbon foot-print together!

Do you or someone you know have old pyrex, baking dishes, plastic, or ceramic bowls that they are not using? Contact us to donate for a good cause, and receive coupons for future orders!