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The importance of the health and wellness of the mother especially post partum, is completely cast off in our modern culture. Luckily a path is being forged by many wise woman leaders in our societies to correct this detrimental to humanity error.

I am currently in a post post partum practitioner training so I can better serve mothers during this delicate transitional time. For more information, or if you are curious about what post partum care means, please visit:

Our passion for women centered care is far reaching, and we believe for the individual it starts in the womb, proceeds to birth, and post partum, continues onto menarche before peaking at motherhood and then menopause. These natural cycles are of paramount importance and the integrity within each sustains the next. 

We offer holistic care and support to preteen girls during their transition into bleeding, as well as support for women who struggle with imbalances due to the use of hormonal birth control. As a judgement free zone we honor the woman through all phases and transitions and aid to provide care and support to enhance the cycle for greater wellness.

Details of services and packages coming in fall 2024! Sign up below to get more info!

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