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Multi-Modality Care

In these times we live, healing at a collective level, is also healing at an individual level, and vice-versa.

Standing in the deepest integrity as a holistic practitioner- is to be willing to honor ALL PARTS of an individual as part of a whole, and similarly- acknowledge and honor the various complimentary healing modalities and health philosophies as they compliment each other and pertain to both the whole of a thriving culture and individual.

Each piece of the puzzle is a crucial part of the picture. This is why it is important to us when really working for the health of an individual that we have a lot of tools in our belt so we can support people in a radical holistic way that is ever grounded in the PRESENT MOMENT, and consistently addresses the needs of the individual, and the collective as they present themselves in this dynamic time with which we exist.

Consider your sacred puzzle piece by piece & consider the following sections to learn the many ways our services can come together to support you in your highest integrity.

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Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

Heal Through The Tenants of Homeopathy 

True balance and wellness has become extremely convoluted in our modern times. Discover Deeper Vitality, Increase your bodies adaptability, fortify your immune system, and start shifting out of various modes that no longer serve you. Healing in this time- is healing as much at a collective level, as it is an individual level.

Homeopathic Medicine is extremely misunderstood in our culture. Half of the population recognize it as pseudoscience, and the other half conflate it with other forms of holistic medicine such as herbalism. 

Homeopathy is a fully developed evidence based system of medicine, created by a German physician in the 1700's. Philosophies integral to the system are: "Vitalism" which states that life is sustained and explained by an unmeasurable, intelligent force of energy; "Animism" which attributes that all living matter on earth resonates in a specific purposeful quality; and "Holism" which states that each part of a human being, every organ, system, and life experience, operates together to form the individual human condition.

Together, these philosophies form this system of medicine where the entire person, entire history, and unique expression of symptoms are considered in their jounrey towards wellness. Homeopathic remedies are specific, pharmacy regulated, and prescribed by professional homeopaths. 

Services: Welcome

Rachel is a certified Practitioner of Classical Homeopathy (PCH) with 8 years of classroom and clinical experience, 4 of which are graduate studies.

 Homeopathic Philosophy & Intakes serve as the root of Rachel's services in The Root Cellar Co. It serves as the focal point in which she individualizes all care services. For this reason- many (not all) services listed on this page are only available to clients after receiving an intake and constitutional homeopathic care.

I specialize in Classical Homeopathy, with the use of personalized herbal remedies as adjuncts, energy medicine, and coaching. I prescribe and administer pharmacy grade homeopathic remedies, using accredited pharmacies in the US including Hahnemann Labs Inc. I ethically forage and wildcraft most of my herbal medicines and tailor recipes and prescriptions based on the individual I am working with, and what their current needs are in conjunction with their homeopathic prescriptions. My goal is to provide my clients thoughtful and critical prescriptions to help their mind & bodies heal, achieve a deeper vitality, and be in constant mind/body integrity. I have additional training and a focus on energy healing, facilitating healing spaces, trauma informed counseling, advanced female health, advanced postpartum healthcare, and elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Homeopathy is for EVERYONE. Although I accept clients with a full range of diagnoses and ailments, genders, etc- I focus in on biological female health. Particularly: hormone regulating, helping women get off of hormonal birth control, postpartum care for women, pelvic and vaginal health, cycle regulating, menses transitions, fertility support/pregnancy preparation, conception, prenatal care, autoimmune problems, allergies, baby care, the full range of emotional dysregulation, & mental health complaints, traumatic birthing imprints, and more.

FULL Homeopathic/Wellness Intakes available! See Postpartum Care offerings below to see how the intakes slightly differ to this time. Text Rachel for a quick 15 minute phone consultation to see if we are able to assist your wellness journey!

Services: Welcome

Holistic Nourishment Services

To discover a deeper connection to how food nourishes you, and root into yourself.

The Root Cellar was created initially as a food service business, with the emphasis on the importance of local, seasonal, and wild foraged foods. Although it is still these things, it has evolved into a multi- modality healing service after Rachel graduated from Homeopathy school & discovered her passion for female- centered care.  

Rachel comes from a multi-cultural background with a dynamic emphasis in her upbringing around food. With Lebanese, Italian, and Eastern European roots, her familial experience with hand crafted unique ancestral recipes dates back to her early childhood. She now studies postpartum and pro-metabolic nutrition and has developed an integral code of physiologic-based nourishment that is mainly informed by The Root Cause Protocol, and Westin A. Price, and collective truths around the importance land-based, seasonal, intuitive, and culturally relevant eating. 

We hope to transmit an important paradigm shift in our culture around deep cellular nourishment with reclaiming ancestral ways. We believe this piece of the puzzle is crucial to overall health, vitality, connection to self, and living in your highest integrity.

Text Rachel Now!
Services: Welcome

Nourishment Offerings


Holistic Private Chef & Wild Food Education

Interactive land based chef service, which includes a local foraging walk introducing native edible plants, culinary education, & in-home meal prepping. Great for families with children! Only available May-September. Get in touch with Rachel for a walk through of what this entails.


Nourishment Plan

Individualized nourishment plan document with unique recipes, meal planning/organizing with a focus on deep cellular nourishment & how to source ingredients PLUS utilizing my local farm partnerships. This is almost as an E-book style with creative flare, ancestral recipes, info and wildcrafted recipes- etc. I utilize my multi-modality approach to these documents, looking at flavor diagnostics through a Traditional Chinese Medicine lens, along with principles of Constitutional Herbalism. For this reason- this service is exclusive to clients who have previously had a full intake.

** This is not a traditional nutrition plan as you would get from a nutritionist. 


Private Postpartum Chef

In-home meal prepping through the lens of postpartum physiological nutritional needs. All allergies can be accommodated. Only available to Mothers under a year postpartum.

*Sorry but we are unable to accommodate vegan/vegetarian diets during this specific postpartum time.

Check Back For More!

We are dynamic & seasonal creatures. We like to flow with the needs of our community! This is why there may be additional/extra offerings come & go! Check back periodically to see what we're up to!

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Advanced Postpartum Care

We are honored and proud to announce that some of our services are growing and being refined through the lens of an important cultural shift in the understanding and prioritization of the Mother in our culture & being brought to the surface by the advanced education of the INNATE Postpartum Care Practitioner Course.

More on how the INNATE team is midwifing this important cultural shift & preserving the sacredness of thriving life here :

Upon completion & certification in summer/fall 2024 more specific offerings will be added such as Moxibustion (an ancient traditional Chinese Medicine technique), Closing Of The Bones Ceremony (traditional Mexican body work/pelvic closing ceremony) Birth integration ceremonies/healing containers that address shifting between maiden & mother, trauma imprints related to birth, a community education series & more.

Why Postpartum Care?

Postpartum: “Following Childbirth”

This means that “postpartum” covers the ENTIRE span of a mothers life after having children. For purposes of breaking up when/what to heal and why, we will isolate the “initial” postpartum period in sections as they are relevant to our specific offerings. First section would be 1-3 months postpartum. Next would be 1 year, then 2-3 years, and then the last truly covers the entirety of the mothers life after childbirth. 

The main reason why proper postpartum care for women is important is simple. The health of the baby is COMPLETELY tied in to the health of the MOTHER. This is an obvious truth rooted in biology that carries wide implications & spans out at a cultural level.

The statistics of perinatal mood disorders, postpartum depression, and a huge range of physiologic health concerns are growing beyond our control.

Mothers matter! YOU matter!

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Postpartum Care Offerings

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Postpartum Chef/Meal Planning

As noted above in previous section-Private Chef & Meal Prepping Service based off of the universal physiologic needs of the initial postpartum time period (under 1 year), leveraging The Root Cause Protocol, & Westin A. Price philosophy, ancestral diets, seasonal & land based eating and more.

**Unable to accommodate vegan, and vegetarian diets. Food allergies can be accommodated.

Image by Mariana Medvedeva

Postpartum Nourishment Plan

Individualized nourishment plan document with unique recipes, meal planning/organizing with a focus on deep cellular nourishment & how to source ingredients PLUS utilizing my local farm partnerships. This is almost as an E-book style with creative flare, ancestral recipes, info and wildcrafted recipes- etc. I utilize my multi-modality approach to these documents, looking at flavor diagnostics through a Traditional Chinese Medicine lens, along with principles of Constitutional Herbalism all through the postpartum lens. For this reason- this service is exclusive to clients who have previously had a full intake.

** This is not a traditional nutrition plan as you would get from a nutritionist. 

Herbal Tea

Herbalism & Plant Spirit Medicine

Individualized handmade herbal products to support each individuals bodily constitution through the physiology of the postpartum time. Herbs are deeply alive and dynamic and not every herb is for every woman. Fostering a relationship with the land and what grows on it is the basis of plant spirit medicine. I facilitate this connection through this offering. These include but are not limited to: Culinary based products, individually created peri bottle, sits bath & vaginal steaming blends, tinctures, teas, salves, and other body products. Offered as an individualized herbal product share/bundle, on a monthly basis. Also offered during ceremonial & body work services, as adjuncts.

*Women over a year postpartum will need to go through a full homeopathic intake with me prior to this offering.

Mother and Baby on Floor

MotherBaby Dyad Constitutional Care

The MotherBaby Dyad is a term rooted in our mammalian physiology and explores the physiologic exo-gestational eco-system in the postpartum period lasting from 9-12 months after birth that invariably connects the mother and baby as one unit. This concept is explored in pre & perinatal psychology in reference to emotional & nervous system health relative to both the Mother and Baby as one single unit. Homeopathic intakes are taken within this Dyad structure to explore and treat various health and emotional issues arising in both the mother and baby to increase comfort, ease, attachment and bonding, feeding, and any physical symptoms arising during this time.

Glass Teapot

Vaginal Steaming Ceremonies

Using prescribed herbs based on individual constitutions through the lens of traditional herbalism. Ceremony includes but is not limited to: guided mediations, conscious plant medicine/communication, attunement/light body work, & a re-grounding/counseling practice after the steam to integrate properly what was released or brought to the surface. Herbal Steaming is very well indicated in the postpartum time to help with vaginal tissue, and uterine tissue healing, and also in releasing any traumas from giving birth.

Image by Vedrana Filipović

Astrological Natal Chart Readings of MotherBaby Dyad

Through the MotherBaby Dyad lens, to understand pre and perinatal imprinting. Gives a conscious awareness for the mother to stand in a deeper integrity as a maternal leader in her family dynamic, & work through karmic patterns & familial blueprints. Includes a full written work up with practical application, an hour long counseling session/discussion, & then an additional one hour follow up session in the future to aid in further integration. Offered for fathers as well.

*Exact time of birth needed in order to complete

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