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The Root Cellar is so happy to be able to offer an herbal share to the community.

What is an herbal share?

A "share" is similar to what most people would know as a CSA (community shared agriculture) farm share. These shares are seasonal produce from local farms that you receive a "basket" from weekly, bi weekly or monthly, that provide seasonal, local, and relevant nourishment to your family. We intend to re-create that model using wildcrafted and local foraged handmade products. 

We create an abundance of different items from a refined, ethical, and spiritual relationship with the land around us that we honor and receive bounty from gratefully. Products can range from local wildflower infused honey, herbal cough syrups, herbal tinctures for every day health and ailments, teas, herbal first aid remedies, cottage foods, infused vinegars, herbal infused body oils, salves, balms, body butters, face creams, and even beauty products. We make most of these ourselves, and we also occasionally include other local crafters products for diversity and an expanded community support.

Because we move with the cycles and seasons so specifically in how we honor the bounty, this means that the products are constantly evolving, changing, and moving. You won't really know what is coming in your share until you get it! 


**We are currently offering one bulk "winter" share basket. Products are limited at the end of the season, so we include many products from the last couple months into a diversified winter basket which is hand delivered to your door, with a brochure of all the amazing plants that were used in the creation of the products, as well as usage guides.

Contact now for details!

Wildcrafted Herbal Share: Welcome
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